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You control your data

Identity Data stored only on your phone.  

GO-ID only stores your critical information on your mobile device and denies direct access to any central databases. This protects against reverse-engineered attacks, and thus, prevents massive security breaches and secures identities at the highest level. 

Your phone stays within 5' of you

Statistics confirm that consumers are more likely to forget their wallets at home than their smartphones. Thanks to Mobile ID, consumers now have the ability to store their IDs on their mobile phones, enabling them to securely carry all of their important identity documents with them at all time.

Consumers and Agencies Save

Introducing GO-ID to consumers, governments and private businesses with an effective ID verification tool considerably cuts down on administrative renewal costs. This digital platform can be updated remotely through automated methods, dates or digitally cancelled by the issuing body. No more standing in long lines for consumers or workers.

Reduce Fraudulent Identities

Companies lose millions of dollars annually because of identity fraud.  GO-ID includes sophisticated security mechanisms that significantly reduce the risk of identity fraud. Verifying the consumer in multiple encrypted layers.

Better than Physical IDs

It is a near impossible task to modify or clone the data of the electronic IDs—because of the strong, dedicated end-to-end encryption methods used during issuance and operation. This makes GO-ID Mobile trustworthy if not more trustworthy than physical IDs. With the lost of your physical ID, all your information is view-able.

Encrypted ID

The Mobile Driver’s License is a  secure version of your Driver’s License or State ID Card. GO-ID ensures that the mobile ID can only be read by the GO-ID verifier only when approved by the consumer. This prevents  malicious efforts to intercept transactions or steal identifying information from the phone.